How much of your business is conducted in English?

The English language still holds pole position when doing business in spite of Brexit, and is an official or second language in more than 70 countries. Worldwide, English is spoken by more than a billion people and most are non-native speakers.

When a group of Spanish or Italians are in a room with a group of Germans, it’s highly likely they’ll be using English to communicate. International companies are increasingly adopting English as the official language for doing business.

In Italy, only 29% say they speak English and in Spain it’s 27% - many executives with decades of experience in their field are now feeling under pressure to speak perfect English when pitching or presenting in an increasingly globalised business environment.

The good news is that English doesn’t need to be the so-called ‘Queen’s English’. As a language, English is evolving all the time, adopting phrases, vocabulary and expressions from across the world.

A bit of coaching can go a long way towards building confidence in the workplace. And in the world of digital marketing, confidence when speaking and presenting can help clinch that all-important deal.

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