Strategy & planning for European businesses operating in English


For senior executives in international EMEA businesses

Improve competitiveness with better

English expression

Make your international campaign messaging

work harder 

Refine your marketing strategy and get the language right

Improve your English communication skills to meet your long or short

term strategic objectives. Shaped

around your needs, using your

company materials.

Get strategic coaching on multi-national marketing campaign messaging. Tailor your message to

an international audience.

Develop your English while working on your organisation's global marketing strategy and planning. Explore digital marketing tactics and language simultaneously.

Participate in English

Pitch in English

Present in English

Build confidence to effectively participate in conferences, meetings or training so you can both understand and communicate clearly.

Write winning pitch narratives and effective RFP responses in English to expand your international business.

Perfect your content and delivery and gain confidence to present to an international audience when English

is not your first language.


Bespoke courses that focus on your business and language needs

Our consultancy is 100% bespoke, tailored to your business and to the individual, to meet both the marketing objective and the English language requirement. It is therefore more effective, more competitive and more attractive to busy, senior executives who can incorporate their English learning into business activity.

We are firm believers in using English as a tool for your requirements and not in pursuing certificates of achievement. Your language may, for instance, need to be modified to be easily understood by an international audience. Your pronunciation may not necessarily need to be 'British' but rather widely comprehensible. And your vocabulary learning may need to be focused on increasing comprehension of current trends and acronyms rather than the Queen's English. 


Develop language skills through real business scenarios

Our approach is agile, taking a real life task, be it a speaking engagement, a pitch, a marketing objective or an event and tackling both the content and the English language learnings simultaneously. As global marketing practitioners, we can fully participate in and advise on marketing strategy, on campaign delivery and tactics, on writing winning pitch narratives, on responding to RFPs and on digital marketing platforms and tactics. At the same time, we work on points of grammar, vocabulary, idioms, current terminology, pronunciation and comprehension as qualified language teachers. 


One-to-one, accelerated learning

Most importantly, we listen to you and your requirements and calculate the best way of meeting your objectives. We use your company materials and address the problem you have at hand, be it meeting a short-term goal, long-term language proficiency or ad-hoc consultancy for a host of changing requirements. And our delivery is flexible too. We can work remotely via video or phone, we can come to your city or you can come to us in Bath for an intensive, one-to-one, fully immersive programme.